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Should My Business Forecasting Process and System Be Weekly, Monthly (Or Both)?

One of the biggest questions in establishing  a new business forecasting process is the level of detail of the forecast from a product dimension as well as a geography/channel dimension.  The third key dimension is time.  The process stakeholders in operations usually want to drive all of the forecast dimensions down to the finest level of time detail, which is typically weekly, while finance is focused on the quarterly reporting time period and the monthly forecasts which build up into that time period.

The process owner can’t make everyone happy, or can they?

What are the factors which should drive that decision?  The first issue is always whether there is the organizational bandwidth to go to weekly forecasting.  If true weekly forecasts are desired then the organization needs to have the people and processes in place to manage and be accountable for the weekly numbers.  A simpler way to put it is never plant a lawn bigger than the one you want to mow.

A second factor is whether or not the new business process system eliminates at least half of the Excel spreadsheets that have the word ‘Forecast” in their title.  If it doesn’t, then the new system is probably forecasting at a level which is going to be too high for the needs of your organization.   That’s a sure sign that there is a need for weekly forecasting as well as other drill downs on product and geographic/channel attributes.

Do weekly and monthly numbers ever have to true up? If they do, you probably need to support both weekly and monthly in a formal system and have business rules to convert the forecasts back and forth between weekly and monthly.

Regardless of your decision, software like RoadMap GPS has the flexibility to operate in a weekly or monthly mode, as well as the ability to switch back and forth between modes at the touch of a button.

RoadMap GPS can switch from weekly to monthly mode at the touch of a button.
RoadMap GPS can switch from weekly to monthly mode at the touch of a button.

RoadMap Global Planning Solution

RoadMapGPSRoadMap Global Planning Solution

As the world’s economy continues to recover, forecasting has never been more important to an organization’s ability to successfully achieve growth.

RoadMap software is the essential technology that your business needs to analyze historical trends and gather forecast information from throughout your organization, your customers, and the World Wide Web to ensure that your company is positioned for growth.

NOAA Cloud Image Cloud Based Computing

RoadMap GPS is now available on the Cloud through Amazon Web Services (AWS), the largest and most trusted provider of Cloud services. With RoadMap GPS on the Cloud, growth companies can scale from proof of concept to full production systems in minutes, not months, as Amazon’s Relational Database Service and Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) allow servers and instances to be created and scaled almost instantly.  RoadMap GPS also supports “Cloud to Go” users who need to work offline while traveling and then sync their work back to the Cloud.

A Global Track RecordOSAKA

RoadMap has established a global track record as a leader in helping clients forecast accurately in the Americas, Europe and throughout Asia. RoadMap GPS is available in English and in Japanese versions. Our Japanese website www.roadmapjapan.com also has complete information about RoadMap GPS.

BigDataThe RoadMap Advantage: Transforming Big Data into Business Intelligence

RoadMap GPS can analyze millions of transactions at the individual consumer level,such as prescription data, in a few minutes, delivering powerful and accurate forecasts. RoadMap GPS databases and Geneva forecasting engine can also be extended with the R Programming Language to build custom forecasting system using any available R package.

Award Winning Forecasting Technology

RoadMap GPS features the award winning Geneva Forecasting Engine, the most powerful and accurate forecasting software in the marketplace. Geneva has been implemented at hundreds of enterprises worldwide resulting in inventory savings of more than $1 Billion.

RoadMap GPS 2014 Product Summary